CDG has strategic partnerships with different organizations and institutions that are key players in the sustainable development arena both in COsta Rica and the region.

AED (Asociación de Empresas para el Desarrollo

AED is a group of over 100 businesses in CR and is the local chapter for the United Way and the World Business Counsel for Sustainable Development ( It is the hub for best practices in environmental management and social responsibility in Costa Rica. CDG is a proud member and provider of services and expertise in AED projects.

Costa Rican Construction Chamber

CDG is a permanent member of the chamber's Sustainable Construction Committee, where lobbying for the creation and implementation of laws for sustainable construction are discussed.

Costa Rican Chamber of Agriculture and Agro Industry

CDG is a permanent member of the chamber's Environmental Committee, where sustainable agriculture best practices, natural resource management and legal projects for congress are discussed and promoted.

GLOBE Foundation

GLOBE is a pioneer by merging business and the environment. Since its inaugural conference in 1990, the foundation now holds sustainability conferences every two years in Vancouver. GLOBE are frontrunners in environmental issues, share success stories and explores opportunities for greener business.
CDG is GLOBE's representative for Costa Rica and Latin America and co-hosted the first GLOBE conference outside of Canada: “GLOBE Costa Rica 2011: Accelerating the Shift Towards a Low Carbon Economy.”

Green Center
Green Center is the first retail shop in Costa Rica that exclusively offers sustainable foodstuffs, clothing and cleaning products. Green Center also has a permanent showcase of certified low-impact appliances, equipment and construction materials. Green Center regularly hosts and organizes talks on the environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organization helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy through footprint reduction, energy-saving strategies and commercializing low carbon technologies.

CDG uses Carbon Trust as its preferred partner for our carbon footprint projects.