Corporate social and environmental responsibility

Advice is provided to ensure that the productive processes of a company contemplate the social and environmental aspects within its value chain.

CDG Environmental Advisors helps in the identification and implementation of corporate social and environmental responsibility actions, which at the same time produce an optimization of economic benefits for the company.

CDG's services in corporate social and environmental responsibility include:

  • ESG: Stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. We can help you understand how a product and/or service contribute to sustainable development or improve your practices.

  • Occupational Health: We aim to promote and maintain highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers their occupations.

  • AWS: AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard), using this standard we intend to drive social, environmental and economic benefits at the scale of a catchment.

  • C-Neutral: At C-neutral we can help you to calculate, reduce and offset your personal and corporate carbon footprint.

Obtaining Permits and Compliance with Legal Requirements

CDG Environmental Advisors has extensive experience in managing legal compliance and paperwork for environmental permits.

CDG offers a multidisciplinary professional team, up-to-date knowledge of the legislation, and maintains excellent relationships with government institutions to provide an agile, efficient, and transparent service.

Inside Costa Rica, we offer:

  • SETENA environmental impact assessment processes
  • Forest cover studies and tree felling permits
  • Water use concessions
  • Work permits in riverbed
  • Audits of compliance with national and international legislation and standards

Outside Costa Rica, we offer:

  • Legal registration (if need it)
  • Audits of compliance with national and international legislation and standards
  • Other specfic services


Occupational Health

  • Diagnosis
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Implementation
  • Performance review and improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System


  • Understanding of your water use and impacts. Gather information and understand, create a plan to improve the water management, implementation of that plan, and periodical evaluation.

Carbon Management

  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reports
  • Pre-audit for Carbon Neutral certification
  • Implementation of Carbon Neutral management systems
  • Greenhouse gas reduction and compensation initiatives

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Experience in large-scale projects
  • Complies with EIS of the World Bank

Site Analysis

  • EPA Phase I & II
  • Environmental Constraints of Property
  • Remedial Analysis and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance

ASG/ ESG Management Systems

  • Design and implementation of the management system.
  • Identification, application and audit of legal requirements (compliance)
  • Pre-audit for certification
  • Review of accounts
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