We believe that sustainability is the only way to achieve true development.

CDG Environmental Advisors is an environmental consultancy firm that promotes successful project development by integrating natural resource management, social environment and our clients’ needs. CDG Environmental Advisors offers a wide range of multidisciplinary environmental services striving for an equitable and sustainable development model.

Public Sector

Expansion of the PNIC-AMMS (Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area and Seamounts Management Area); Senior member of the mediation team in the final social consultation round table. In charge of negotiating agreements, settling disputes, and allowing the Ministry of Environment to consolidate their proposal. This final agreement had not been possible until our team's participation in the process, which was successfully concluded, and Costa Rica was able to announce meeting the target of protecting 30% of waters under national jurisdiction before 2030 during Glasgow’s COP 26.

Route 32 expansion Rio Frio-Limon ($500m); Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Supervision during construction. Route 1 expansion San Jose-San Ramón ($575m); Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Social risk surveys of families along route, compensation and resettlement plans for displaced communities. Urban Electric Passenger Train (1.5 b); Environmental and Social Feasibility Study.

AYA Regional Sanitation Project Puntarenas, Tamarindo, Sardinal-El Coco ($75m); Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. Amega MTA Terminal ($1b); Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, liaison with government agencies and communities

JAPDEVA Logistics Center ($25m); Environmental Impact Assessment. GEF-PNUD-PNIC: Program Efficiency Evaluation for the GEF-UNDP funds given to improve the conditions and management in the Cocos Island National Park.

Private Sector

As is an active consultant and for companies such as CUMMINS, DELPHI, LEAR AUTOMOTIVE, BAYER, ABBOTT VASCULAR, HOSPIRA, and EATON, APPLE, IBM, COCA COLA, PEPSICO, DISCOVERY LAND GROUP, REVOLUTION PLACES, and the major Real Estate developers in Costa Rica, such as GARNIER GROUP, ENJOY GROUP, DWL, DESARROLLOS MEGA, and many others.

In the Energy sector we have undertaken the environmental impact assessment of the largest wind energy project in Costa Rica (Orosi Wind Farm 50MW) and of the largest solar farm (MGM INNOVA- COOPEGUANACATE 6MB), we were also selected by LEO LABS to do the environmental impact assessment of their innovative phased array radar for detection of low earth orbit objects, only the third such installation in the world.

In the agriculture sector we advise large producers of pineapple, rice, melon, sugar cane; on how to improve their efficiency with environmental balance, we have been able to drive the message that there is no sector better suited to be a steward of the land than the agriculture sector. They are also the first to suffer the changes in climate and need to adjust for resiliency and adaptation to climate change. Companies such as Upala Agricola, Melones del Sol, Grupo BATGAL, Grupo Pelon; have all benefitted from sustainable strategies while increasing food production without need for additional land conversion.

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