C Neutrality is achieved by balancing an organization’s emissions and reductions.

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La carbono neutralidad es el logro de un balance entre las emisiones de una organización y sus remociones, ilustrado en la siguiente ecuación:

Emissions – Reductions –  Compensation = ZERO

This result is reached following five major  steps as illustrated below:

Sistema de gestión

We offer complete consultancy and advisory services on the subject including these areas:

  • Training and education
  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Design and implementation of a Sistema de Gestion para Demostrar la Carbono Neutralidad
  • Projects for reduction and removal of Greenhouse Gases
  • Compensation for Residual Emissions
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report
  • Follow up and assistance in the Certification/Verification Process for INTE

12-01-06:2011 and other international standards such as PAS 2060.