About CDG Environmental Advisors

Founded 13 years ago, CDG Environmental Advisors is one of the longest standing environmental consultancy and advisory firms in Costa Rica. With a proven trajectory and experience in over 100 projects in multiple areas, CDG offers consultancy with a business centric focus that goes beyond simply obtaining a permit or complying with legal requirements.

We strive to add value to our clients through our services by achieving true and measurable improvements in their environmental and social impact while meeting their business goals.

Constant improvement in environmental practices and social responsibility while attaining financial growth is the fundamental base of sustainable development. Based on these principles CDG contributes to a stable and more equitable economic growth in our society.


CDG Environmental Advisors is an environmental consultancy firm that promotes successful project development by integrating natural resource management, social environment and our clients’ needs. CDG Environmental Advisors offers a wide range of multidisciplinary environmental services striving for an equitable and sustainable development model.


CDG Environmental Advisors is an industry leader, on a national and regional level, promoting the implementation of the latest tendencies in best practices and technologies for sustainability, achieving constant improvements in environmental performance as well as in meeting business objectives of our clients.


  • Professional ethics
  • Commitment
  • Preaching by example
  • Transparency
  • Respect the environment
  • Solidarity