Social and Environmental Responsibility

We provide services to integrate social and environmental aspects into the value chain of the business.

CDG Environmental Advisors assists in identifying and implementing social and environmental responsibility measures that lead to an improvement in financial performance.

CDG's services in the social and environmental responsibility are include:

Site Environmental Evaluation Phases I, II and III.
Design and implementation of corporate environmental strategy and policy.
Environmental feasibility due diligence and diagnostics.

Legal Compliance and Permit Acquisition

CDG has a proven track record in due diligence for legal compliance as well as in permit acquisition.

CDG has a multidisciplinary professional team, current knowledge of legislation and excellent relations with the relevant government institutions that allows us to provide agile, efficient and transparent services.

  • Environmental Impact evaluation process for SETENA
  • Water usage concessions
  • Concesiones de aprovechamiento de aguas
  • Construction permits in riverbed
  • Compliance audits for national and international standards and legislation

Carbon Management

Footprint measurement
Greenhouse gas emissions reporting
Pre-audit for Carbon Neutral certification
Implementation of Carbon Neutral management systems
Greenhouse gas reduction and offset initiatives

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Study
Multidisciplinary team
Large Scale project experience
World Bank EIS compliant

Site Analysis

EPA Phase I and II
Environmental Limitations on Property
Remediation Analysis and Implementeation
Regulatory Compliance

EHS Management Systems

Management system design and implementation
Legal requirement (compliance) identification, application, and auditing
Pre-audit for certification